How to Transfer a User Out

When a user moves to another school in Malaysia you must use the Transfer user feature. If you simply disable a user when they leave, the new school would have to enter the user’s details into the VLE all over again.

Note: In the case of a Frog Admin user, the Admin user account should be disabled and only that person’s teacher account be transferred out.

Begin by selecting Users from the tab menu in the top right hand corner of the screen.Tabs_Users

Select Transfer User from the Choose Option drop down menu. httauo21002

Select the User Type from the drop down menu. httauo21003

Enter either the username/Yes ID or the I.C. Number of the user who is leaving your school here. httauo21004

Click on the Transfer drop down and select Transfer Outhttauo21005

You must now click the Verify button to check the details of the username you have entered are correct. httauo21006

After you have checked that it is the correct person you wish to transfer out, click the Save button. httauo21007

A message will be displayed if the transfer has been successful.The user will now be disabled from your school’s VLE and sent to a holding area. When the user starts at their new school, the new school’s Frog Admin is able to retrieve the user and transfer them into their VLE.


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