How to Link an Existing Parent to a Student

The situation may arise where you are required to create a student whose parents or guardians details may already be stored in the database. This is because they have children in other schools and already have a Yes ID. Using their Yes ID it is possible to link them to the student without having to enter their details again.
To link an existing parent to a student, select the Existing Parent radio button.
Enter the Yes ID of the parents into the Yes ID text box.
Click the Verify button to search for the parents data.
If the parents are found in the database the parent section will be populated automatically using data already held in the system.
If the parents Yes ID’s are not found in the Frog VLE database then no data will be displayed.
If the parents are not found, you will need to create a new account for the parents. See the section ‘Creating a New Parent or Guardian Account’.
When all the details for the parents are complete, click the Save button in the top right corner.
Click the Confirm button to create the user.
The new student has now been created and added to the VLE. The student login details are shown as well as their parents or guardians.
Important! Please make a note of the user password as you cannot view this information once you have navigated away from this screen.
To create another student, select the appropriate tab at the top right of the screen.


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