How to Export User Data

User data can be exported from your Frog VLE which is saved to your computer as an XL Spreadsheet file. This can be useful when an offline reference is required.
To export data click on the Student tab.
Click the Export button.
A password protected spread sheet will now be downloaded. A message will appear informing you of the password required to open the document.
Note: For security purposes the password has been obscured in this guide.
The location of the file will vary depending on the browser settings of your device.
The following data is contained in the exported file:

StudentParents Tab

  • Form (Student)
  • Classname (Student)
  • Student IC No.
  • Birth Certificate No. (Student)
  • Date of Birth (Student)
  • Student Name
  • Address
  • Student Yes ID
  • Password (Student)
  • Student Yes ID Activated (Yes / No)
  • Father Name
  • Father Yes ID
  • Password (Father)
  • Father Yes ID Activated (Yes / No)
  • Mother IC No.
  • Mother Name
  • Mother Yes ID
  • Password (Mother)
  • Mother Yes ID
  • Mother Yes ID Activated (Yes / No)

Teachers Tab

  • Full Name
  • Id Number
  • Father Yes ID
  • Password (Father)
  • Father Yes ID Activated (Yes / No)


*Sumber Rujukan : Frog Asia

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